Record Page Hooks

dt_record_picture Filter Filter for adding an avatar or image for a record. Expects a URL as an output to be used in an <img tag. A provided image will be used instead of the default icon. Parameters 3: string $picture, string $post_type, string $post_id

dt_record_icon Filter Filter for changing the icon for a record. Expects a class name pertaining to an icon in Parameters 3: string $icon, string $post_type, array $post_id

dt_record_top_full_with Action Section for full width content above the details and comment tiles Parameters 2: string $post_type, array $post

dt_record_top_above_details Action Section above the details tile. Parameters 2: string $post_type, array $post

dt_details_additional_section Action Action for displaying content within a tile Parameters 2: string $tile_key, string $post_type

dt_details_additional_tiles Filter Declare other tiles to display. Parameters 2: array $tiles, string $post_type

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