Global Search



  • query (string) mandatory. URI encoded search query.

  • post_type (string) mandatory. Post type name to be searched. Set to all for multiple post type searches.

  • offset (int) mandatory. How many initial search result hits to skip (for load more operations). Set to 0 as default.


   hits: (array) An array of result hits. See below for format.
   total_hits: (int) the number of result hits in total.

Result hits format:

      "ID": "56",
      "post_title": "Ali XYZ",
      "post_type": "contacts",
      "post_date": "2018-05-29 14:19:36",
      "post_hit": "N", //post hit type indicator (Y/N)
      "comment_hit": "Y", //comment hit type indicator (Y/N)
      "meta_hit": "N", //meta hit type indicator (Y/N)
      "comment_hit_content": "Wow! He is willing to meet today!",
      "meta_hit_value": ""
    "total": 1,
    "offset": 2 //current offset value for result post type

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