Unit Tests

Setup testing environment

In the theme root within your environment (localWP: "Open site shell" option) run:

./tests/install-wp-tests.sh <db-name> <db-user> <db-pass> [db-host]
  • <db-name> is the name of the db you want the run the tests in. We suggest creating a separate db form your dev db for testing.

  • <db-user> Database username

  • <db-pass> Database password

  • [db-host] Database url and port. For localWP get the port from the url when opening Adminer.

Note for localWP on linux the command looks like this for localWP: ./tests/install-wp-tests.sh local-test root root localhost:10063


  • On localWP, make sure you are running from the "Open site shell" menu option, so the environment is loaded

  • On localWP, remove --protocal=tcp on line #141 of ./tests/install-wp-tests.sh

  • On localWP, you can get the database port from the browser url after opening adminer

  • You may need to install svn: sudo apt install subversion

  • If you get an error that looks like: Could not find /{path}/wordpress-tests-lib /includes/functions.php, have you run tests/install-wp-tests.sh ? delete the temp folder and run the install again.

Running the tests

Install phpunit and phpunit-polyfills form the theme root.

composer require "phpunit/phpunit=7.5.*"
composer require "yoast/phpunit-polyfills"

Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit

The tests need phpunit v7. v8 and above currently don't work.

Writing tests

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