This is a list of the capabilities used by D.T roles within the theme core. Each role is assigned certain capabilities which determines what the user is able to do.

WP capabilities

edit_posts give the user access and update ability for site links

edit_page give the user access and update ability for site links

read let the user access the wp-admin interface

D.T Admin capabilities

manage_dt let the user update all D.T settings

User management

promote_users Ability to add/update/remove a user roles. Note only and administrator can give or take away the administrator role.

edit_users Edit user data in the wp-admin interface

create_users Create new users or invite users to the instance

delete_users Ability to delete users

list_users WP Admin list users

dt_list_users D.T Front End list users


view_project_metrics view more metrics for the whole project


read_location list locations

People Groups

access_peoplegroups Basic permission list and update all people groups.

list_peoplegroups List all people groups in typeaheads.

Post Types

Replace post_type with contacts, groups or your custom post type.

access_[post_type] Give the user access to view their or all records of the post_type

create_[post_type] Gives the user the ability to create a record of the post_type

list_all_[post_type] List all post_type record names in typeaheads

assign_any_[post_type] Ability to assign any post_type record to a user.

access_specific_sources Ability to list and update all contacts of source x

dt_all_access_contacts >= v1.0.0 List and update all contact of type 'access'

view_any_[post_type] gives full permission to view and update all records of the post type. Recommended only for API/script use.

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