Field Types

  • multi_select

  • key_select

  • tags

  • communication_channel

  • connection

  • user_select

  • text

  • textarea

  • link

  • date

  • number

  • array

  • tasks

  • boolean

  • location

  • location_meta

Adding fields

add_filter( "dt_custom_fields_settings", "dt_contact_fields", 1, 2 );
function dt_contact_fields( array $fields, string $post_type = ""){
    //check if we are dealing with a contact
    if ($post_type === "contacts"){
        //check if the language field is already set
        if ( !isset( $fields["language"] )){
            //define the language field
            $fields["language"] = [
                "name" => __( "Spoken Language", "disciple_tools_language" ),
                "type" => "key_select",
                "default" => [
                    "english" => __( "English", "disciple_tools_language" ),
                    "french" => __( "French", "disciple_tools_language" )
                "tile" => "contact_language"
    //don't forget to return the update fields array
    return $fields;


  • name: (string). The name you want the user to see for the field. Required.

  • type: (string). the field type. Required.

  • description: (string). Extra context for the field. May show up in the help modals. Optional.

  • default: (array, string). Options for the field. Required for key_select_and multi_select fields.

  • icon: (string). The url of the icon to display next to the name.

  • font-icon: (string). Font icon like mdi mdi-robot-outline using material icons. See mdi

  • tile: (string). Which tile this field should be displayed on.

  • customizable: (bool, string). If this field is customizable by the user in the wp_admin settings page. Options: false, 'add_only'

  • in_create_form: (bool, array). Whether this field should be visible by default on the create post page. Either true or an array of (post) types to display on ex: [ "personal", "access" ].

  • hidden: (bool). If this field should show on the front end in filter options or new record pages.

  • show_in_table: (int). If this field should by default show in the list table. Lower number means higher priority.

  • custom_display: (bool). If this field should be ignored by D.T field display generator.

  • only_for_types: (array) array of the record types the field should be visible on.

Extra Parameters for connections fields

  • post_type: the post_type of the connected posts

  • p2p_key: the p2p connection key. See Declaring Connection Fields below.

  • p2p_direction: the p2p direction. See Declaring Connection Fields below.

  • create-icon: url for the icon user in the typeahead create button.

Extra parameters for communication_channel fields

  • hide_domain whether to hide the url domain name when displaying a like. Ex "" would show "person" as a link.

Extra parameters for key_select and multi_select field

  • default_color: (string). Default color for key_select and multi_select options. This triggers the color mode for the select field

  • select_cannot_be_empty: (bool). Selects the first value instead of an empty value by default

  • default: options:

      "option_key" => [
          "label" => "" // name of the option
          "description" => "" //option description
          "color" => "#3F729B" //color used to display the option as.
          "hidden" => bool //don't show this option on the front end.
          "icon" => "" The url of the icon to display next to the option.

Extra parameters for link field

This field type is similar to the multi-select field type.

    "option_key" => [
        "label" => "" // name of the option
        "description" => "" //option description
        "icon" => "" The url of the icon to display next to the option.
        "deleted" => bool, // don't show this option on the front end

Extra parameters for number field

  • min_option: (number). Optional parameter to define a minimum for this field

  • max_option: (number). Optional parameter to define a maximum for this field

Declaring Connection Fields

Here the connection is from the contacts post type to the groups post_type.

Declaring the field on the contacts post_type looks like:

$fields["groups"] = [
    "name" => __( 'Groups', 'disciple_tools' ),        
    "type" => "connection",
    "post_type" => "groups",
    "p2p_direction" => "from",
    "p2p_key" => "contacts_to_groups",
    'tile'     => 'details',

Note the direction and post_type change on the field declaration on the group post_type:

$fields["members"] = [
    "name" => __( 'Member List', 'disciple_tools' ),
    "type" => "connection",
    "post_type" => "contacts",
    "p2p_direction" => "to",
    "p2p_key" => "contacts_to_groups"

Function to have D.T display a field:

render_field_for_display( $field_key, $fields_options, $post, $show_extra_controls = false, $show_hidden = false )

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