• Site 1: Your D.T instance

  • Site 2: Where you expect the webform to be used. It can be any url is this is not verified).

  • Connection Type: At leate "Create Contact" to give the permision needed.

  • Use Token As API KEY: This is required to keep the Authentication simple.

Create a Contact

Create a Post Request to your instance

POST: https://example.disciple.tools/wp-json/dt-posts/v2/contacts

Use the site key in the Authorization header Authorization: Bearer 14c5f0f1ebbc3c4b1042e884c1cf4e04410e274198928197c9ae726cbbe15b19


$token = "token from the Site to Site link"
$args = [
  'method' => 'POST',
  'body' => $fields,
  'headers' => [
      'Authorization' => 'Bearer ' . $token,
return wp_remote_post( 'https://example.disciple.tools/wp-json/dt-posts/v2/contacts', $args );

$fields need to be in the format specified in Fields Format

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