Locations appear as the location_grid field on contacts and groups. The old locations field has been removed.

location_grid is a field of type 'location'. It is updated the same way connections are. See Post Types Fields Format for more details


Search Locations

GET https://example.com/wp-json/dt/v1/mapping_module/search_location_grid_by_name

Requires permission: access_{post_type}


  • s (string): the string to filter the list to.

  • filter (string): Options: [ 'all' | 'focus' | 'used' ]

    • all: return all geoname locations

    • focus: Anly return the locations included in the selected Mapping Focus

    • used: Only return locations currently used by contacts, groups (and other)


  location_grid: [
     ID : 6255147,
     name: 'Asia',
   { ... location_grid_id 2 ... }
  total: 339 // the total number of location_grid_ids matching the search

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